Vinyl Flooring Suppliers

Serfloor Australia is one of the highly reputed vinyl flooring suppliers in the country

If you are looking for a flooring solution that is affordable and easy to maintain then come to Serfloor Australia- the most reliable vinyl flooring suppliers. We specialize in the supply of a wide range of vinyl planks and sheets in a number of designs that are perfect to suit any residential or commercial space.

Our vinyl floors serve as a perfect choice for places that require regular cleaning such as offices, restaurants and other commercial spaces. These are spaces that experience heavy foot traffic that causes wear and tear of the floors. Our vinyl floors have more to offer than just flooring planks.

We assure you that our collection of vinyl floors will bring your interior to life and add character to your space. You can choose from our collection that is inspired by earthly textures and the colors of nature and make your house look sophisticated and luxurious. We know that commercial spaces are always in need of floors that offer durability and our floors promise the same.

Our collection:

When you choose Serfloor Australia for flooring, you will get a multitude of vinyl flooring options to browse from. You can get vinyl planks or vinyl sheets depending upon your requirements and personal preferences. We have designs that can suit every type of interior, are scratch resistant and durable even for the busiest commercial spaces.

Within our vinyl sheet collection, there are a range of effects to choose from including wood, marble and concrete.

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If you want to know more about our vinyl flooring options, browse our catalogues or call us at (03) 9796 4626.