Glue Down

Colors in stock

G24-15 Walnut Oak

Walnut Oak-G24-15

G3842-2 American Oak

American Oak-G3842-2

G6246 Rustic Brown

Rustic Brown-G6246

G6261 Rustic Grey

Rustic Grey-G6261

G6398-7 Charcoal


G7049-4 Cherry


G7068-4 Rustic Oak

Rustic Oak-G7068-4

G7073-2 Classic Brown

Classic Brown-G7073-2

Serfloor Glue Down Vinyl Planks are a commercial grade wood look range that is versatile as it can be used for all commercial and domestic environments.

Serfloor Glue Down Vinyl Planks are 100% water resistant and designed for durability and low maintenance, it is fit for almost any indoor flooring requirement including all wet areas.

Our Glue Down Vinyl Planks are backed with a 30 year Domestic Wear Warranty and a 15 Year Commercial Wear Warranty.


• 100% Water Resistant
• 0.7mm wear layer
• R10 Slip Rated
• 100% Water Resistant
• Anti-Bacterial Surface
• PU/UV Coated
• Fire, Slip, Oil and Stain Resistant
• Reduces Impact and Sound Travel
• Durable and Low Maintenance
• Quick and Easy Installation


Can be installed over existing floors such as Concrete, Wood & Vinyl.


Residential / Commercial


Total Thickness (mm) EN 428 3.0mm
Thickness of wear layer (mm) EN 429 0.7mm (+/- 0.005)
Weight (+/- 50gr/m2) EN 430 4.76kg/m2
Plank Dimension EN 427 177.8mm x 1219.2mm
Packing EN 427 15 Planks/3.255m2 per box
Dimension Stability EN 434 <0.25
Colour fastness to light ISO 105 B02 > 6
Residual Indentation EN 433 >0.10mm
Flexibility EN 435 Pass
Abrasion resistance EN 660-2 5.3
Slip resistance EN 13893/DIN 51131 R10
Fire rating EN 3501-1 BFi – S1
Chemical products ASTM F925 Pass
Electric behavior EN1081 Pass
Emission of Formaldehyde EN 717-2 Not detected
TVOC emission factor ISO 16000-9 After 24 hours: 172/ After 48 hours: 150
Dynamic coefficient of friction ASTM C1028 Direction A: 0.48 / Direction B: 0.58
Surface treatment PU/NANO SILVER PU & Anti-bacterial, per design
Embossing Regular/Deep/Wild Wild

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