Hybrid Click Lock

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Rustic Oak SFC-101

European Oak SFC-102

French Oak SFC-103

Grey Gum SFC-104

River Gum SFC-105

Charred Oak SFC-106

American Oak SFC-107

Mountain Gum SFC-108

Distressed Oak SFC-109


Engineered Hybrid Click Lock Flooring is a revolutionary Click System that is designed to be harder wearing and more dimensionally stable during extreme temperatures.

The compositions of Limestone and PVC together is the key element for engineering this perfect Click System. It also comes with pre-adhered underlay for improved acoustics and comfort underfoot.

The product is 100% waterproof and has been designed to be able to go over slightly uneven floors shortening preparation time and reducing costs.

Serfloor Australia’s Engineered Hybrid Click Lock is definitely a smart choice for you.



  • 7mm Thick
  • 0.5mm wear layer (500 microns)
  • Size: 1800mm x 228mm
  • 2mm Acoustic underlay
  • R10 Slip Rated
  • 100% Waterproof
  • PU/UV Coated
  • Reduces Impact & Sound Travel
  • Durable & Low Maintenance
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • No Underlay Required
  • 15 Years Commercial Wear Warranty
  • 25 Years Residential Wear Warranty Can be installed over existing floors such as Concrete, Wood & Vinyl.


Floor Composition PVC/Limestone Hybrid  
Total Thickness (mm) EN 428 7.0mm
Thickness of wear layer (mm) EN 429 0.7mm (+/- 0.005)
Weight (+/- 50gr/m2) EN 430 10.6kg/m2
Plank Dimension EN 427 1800mm x 228mm
Packing EN 427 5 Planks/2.052m2 per box
Sound insulation material performance ASTM E492-2009 / ASTM E989-2006 IIC=68
Dimension Stability  EN 434 Pass
Colour fastness to light ISO 105 B02  > 6
Residual Indentation EN 433 > 6
Castor chair test ISO 4918 No Change / delamination
Flexibility EN 435 Pass
Abrasion resistance ASTMD3884 <0.015g
Slip Resistance Classification AS/NZS 4586-2013 R10  (>10 <19)
Behaviour to fire EN13501-1 BFL-S1
Chemical products ASTM F925 Pass
Electric behavior EN 1081 Pass
Emission of Formaldehyde EN 717-1 <0.003
TVOC emission factor EN 16516 / ISO16000-9 (<10 μg/m3/72hr) 5.8 mg
Embossing Regular/Deep/Wild  
Product Density EN436 2000kg/m3
Stability Test <0.25% Pass / 0.06%
Curling Test <1.0mm 0.65mm
Stratching Test >2.5kg (industry Standard) 3kg
Squareness <0.25 0.11
Straightness <0.25 0.08
Peel Strength >5.5kg 11.6kg
Click Strenght >10Kg 19.8Kg
Impact Test <10mm <5.5mm

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