About us

Serfloor Australia has been operating as Serfloor in Europe for more than 36 years and have established more than 100 chains within Europe. In Europe we specialise in manufacturing vinyl flooring systems, Adhesives and many other products. Serfloor also distributes their product range to more than 35 countries worldwide. With our dominating growth within Europe we have now established Serfloor within Australia operating here since 2009 and have already made an impact within the competitive market.

Our History

Serfloor Australia partnered with Serfloor Turkey was established in Australia in 2009. Serfloor Turkey was established in 1979 trading under Serfleks until it was reformed to Serfloor in 2003.

The manufacturing sector in Turkey develop all types of vinyl floor systems, adhesives and other types of products within the flooring scope. Serfloor in Europe had seen increased growth within the first decade of establishment and had hit huge milestones for the company when they began expanding globally. We now supply to over 35 countries worldwide and growing rapidly in the Australian market place.

Our Mission

Serfloor Australia is not only focused to design and manufacture premium quality products but to deliver affordability when it comes to pricing for consumers and businesses. Our great relationships with our partners, distributors and resellers are vital to our success so we continually look at ways on establishing stronger bonds and improvements where necessary to establish good products and practices. This will allow Serfloor to lead within the market place and sustain its fast growth within Australia.

Our priority are our customers, we continually look at ways to improve customer satisfaction with our products and services. We engage closely with our market requirements both domestic and commercial which helps us with innovation and development.

We endeavour to further expand globally and nationally across Australia with our commitment to our customers.

Why Serfloor

With our premium range of Vinyl planks, we have spent years in designing and testing our range to ensure we only deliver high quality premium products to the end user for both commercial and domestic markets.

Choosing Serfloors product range is investing in quality products that are elegant and stylish for decades to come making it the right choice for your flooring requirements.

Serfloor Australia also offers one of the longest warranties in the flooring market backed by our confidence in our quality flooring range.